League of Legends account and ELO boosting services.

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Instant delivery

Guaranteed instant delivery upon successful payment. When you make your purchase, account details will be e-mailed to you instantly. From that on, you can change the e-mail adress to your own and verify your account.

24/7 live support

Reach our friendly advisors at our website. We are online 24/7/365. We can help you in any problem you may face!

Safe and secure

100% secure. Website SSL certificate provide maximum protection against network attacks and identity theft. We provide every recovery details for the accounts provided.

JaxHigh offers the safest market for League of Legends accounts and elo boosting with our limited lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee. 24/7 live support also included.

If you experience any troubles with the account, such us limitation, account-closure, account ban due to account sharing or anything against Riot games Inc terms of service, we'll issue you a replacement account for free.

We have the very best of European and American coaches / boosters out there with legal contract, so you can expect awesome results. Our players work 8+ hours per day, every day. If you would like to know more about the coaches, have a look at Boosting section on the top navigation bar.

Our pre-made accounts, or often called smurfs are coming with lifetime warranty, best price-value on market, including every recovery details.

They are originally unverified unranked, so you can add and verify your new email address any time (preferable right after your purchase).

After successful delivery, which is instant as previously advertised, we won't ever re-log or try to access it in the future.